Saturday, 23 May 2015

Universal Power-Pak 445 Flexible Dumbbells (with stand) Reviews

Just how can this work? The dumbbells sit inside their own plastic foundation when not in use. You fix the dial while the dumbbells are sitting in the foundation plus a release/locking mechanism will either release the weights, or lock onto more weights in case you raise the dial. Whatever staying weights aren't being used stay in time slot in the bottom.

The simplicity of this process is innovative since you keep the dumbbell set place in a streamlined and organized foundation that takes up hardly any space in whatever room you exercise in. Something such as this could be ideal for those that reside in flats or little houses, where space is extremely limited.

Dumbbells may be used for a kind of exercises, as mentioned previously. The Amazon listing for the Bowflex SelectTech 552 dumbbells lists about 30 different exercises you may do, with 80 versions. The exercises work everything in the legs, back, chest, abdominal muscles, to the arms and shoulders. A complete fitness routine might be designed around these weights only.

Universal Power-Pak 445 Flexible Dumbbells (with stand)

Nautilus makes these dumbbells, and is another typical name in the exercise equipment business, which means you understand you are obtaining an excellent merchandise.

Where you are able to fix the weights based on your favorite work out just like the Bowflex weights, these dumbbells additionally work on a dial system. Just these go from 4 to 45 pounds in 5-pound increments. The dumbbells feature a foundation which not only stores the weights, but in addition holds the weights in or releases them onto the dumbbell, contingent on your dial setting. This all in one attribute replaces 9 sets, or 18 dumbbells.

The foundation as well as the weights are made from plastic and the dumbbell handle is alloy, using a rubber grip. Some have said the plastic feels a bit cheap, but they're in a position to take a beating and do not fall off the dumbbell during work out sessions. All in all, the quality looks wonderful and extremely comparable to the Bowflex selecttech versions.

And like the Bowflex, these dumbbells sport over 30 different exercises, working everything from the bicep muscles to the legs.


The Bowflex and Nautilus dumbbell sets are not only alloy weights you can get at the local Target or Walmart. They're going to set you back a bit more, owing to that. But for a person who is truly intent on their exercise, purchasing a quality merchandise should be a no brainer.